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Farmer to your door within 18 hours 

Supermarkets have complicated distribution networks which take days. The produce we source from local farmers reaches you within 18 hours of leaving its source so you’ll only ever get the freshest food possible. 

We dislike the current food system!
Our local producers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your spinach is only cut once bought.

Better priced for you 

Unlike food stores and organic shops, our overheads are low, so we pass on the savings to you.


Better priced for our growers

We think it's right that farmers get rewarded fairly for their hard work.
With Taste Integrity they receive 50% of the retail price. 

Producers typically receive 30% or less of the retail value from supermarkets.

Introducing order to harvest

To avoid waste and to ensure freshness, our local farmers only harvest food when someone's ordered it.  
We call it "order-to-harvest", you can call it common sense.

1. You place an order

2. The farmer harvests your food

Our Farmers And Foodmakers

Our local farmers and foodmakers care a lot about transparency, quality and live by sustainable values. They are the passionate people who grow, catch, bake and make your food. We consider them to be a part of our Taste Integrity family. Find out more about the people dedicated to bringing you the very finest, freshest food you can get.