December 07, 2016

Good evening,

We’re super excited to announce that New Zealand’s Patch is coming back… with a few awesome changes including a new name.

For the past few months, we’ve been hiding away figuring out how we could simplify the food chain to create a fresher, more delicious world.  And, how we can offer you a wider range of products direct from local growers and food producers.  

Welcome to Taste Integrity!

Taste Integrity is based on real people, real relationships and real local food.

We believe you deserve the freshest, most delicious locally sourced and competitively priced food.

Our new ‘click-to-harvest’ model means our producers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your lettuce is only cut once bought and you receive it within a day.

There’s no need to store any fresh food meaning we don’t end up with unnecessary food waste.


We can’t wait to get to work fixing the food chain and delivering you delicious, fresh food direct from local producers when we launch in Auckland in late January 2017.

We’ll be sending out more info in the coming weeks including how you can get $20 off your first order - be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or simply want to send us a note, send it to: hello@tasteintegrity.co.nz.

To make sure you receive our updates, just add hello@tasteintegrity.co.nz to your contacts. 

Have a super fresh day!

Your Taste Integrity team

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